Mental Health in the Workplace - Aristos' Story

Posted by youngdevon on March 12, 2015

This month we will be bringing you a series of stories from people talking about their mental health problems at work. 

Aristos shares his experience of working on the railways whilst having a manic episode in this interview. 

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Aristos shared his experience of mania whilst at work. This is a symptom commonly experienced by people living with bipolar disorder. Check out the 'What is Mental Health' tab to find out more about this disorder.

Aristos chatted about how beneficial it has been for him being in work. This is true for many people struggling to cope with their mental health problems. Talking openly and honestly with colleagues can help them understand you better, but also reduce the stigma of mental health problems.

Research has also  shown that having a job creates a great deal of structure in someone's life which is really important when people suffer from disorders such as Bipolar. Having a good daily routine in the workplace and out of it can help you monitor your mental health problem and improve your well being. For more tips on increasing your well-being at work, take a look at this advice from MIND: 


Next week we will be following Carla's story and talking about her gradual turn to work after illness.