Mental Health in the Workplace - Sofia's Story

Posted by gsl on March 3, 2015

This month we will be bringing you a series of stories from people talking about their mental health problems at work. 




Sofia shares her story about her experiences of having depression whilst working in a call centre.





Sofia’s story is very common, don’t forget 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives! If you suffer with depression you may go through periods of time where it is extremely difficult to even get out of bed in the morning let alone go into work. It is therefore important that your employer knows about your mental health problem and so can support you in a similar way that Sofia’s manager does. Sharing the burden of your mental health problem with colleagues can help others to understand you a bit better and gives them the opportunity to support you during the more difficult times.





If you have a mental health problem and are thinking of applying for a job or if you start to feel mentally unwell at work and are unsure who to talk, have a look at the advice below:


  • Check your employer’s policies on mental health, most companies have this information on their website, so just pop their name in your favourite search engine. However if they don’t, call the Human Resources (HR) department and ask.

  • If you have a mental health problem, it is a good idea to tell the company this at the application or interview stage therefore your employer has all the information they need in order to support you in your role

  • If you begin to feel mentally unwell at work, discuss this with someone you work with who you can trust. It is generally helpful if this is your manager or someone who works in the Human Resources department so they can help to support you moving forward


Next week we will be posting about Aristos who suffers from Mania and talks about how valuable his job has been working on the railways.